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Bebe scrapbook

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I think I’m in love…..with digital scrapbooking!!

I have been an avid scrapbooker in the past, using actual scrapbooks, paper and embellishments.  The first scrapbook I ever made was for my oldest child, our daughter Shannon when she was a senior in high school.  It was a tradition in our church to honor graduating high school seniors with a reception and each graduate had a whole table that they could decorate and display all of their honors, trophies, ribbons, and photos, including scrapbooks.  In just a few months time I managed to create a scrapbook for Shannon which ranged from birth till high school graduation.  I was hooked!

The next scrapbook I made was for my little sister, who was expecting her first baby.  I had seen a scrapbook that someone had made for her baby daughter when she was born and fell in love with it.  It was so darling!  (Coincidentally, it used the same colors as the layout that is pictured on this page: yellow, watermelon, and green.)  I ended up signing up to become a “Close to My Heart” consultant just to get the company discount on all of the materials that I needed to copy that scrapbook page for page.

I continued to be a consultant for Close to My Heart for many years and accumulated a pretty impressive stockpile of rubber stamps, stamping ink, card stock, decorative paper, and every kind of embellishment you can imagine!  One year for my birthday my husband built a work station for me which I put in my office and I loved it!  It was built out of three sets of cabinets with a large melamine work surface on top.  I spent many happy hours sitting at that craft table scrapbooking and making homemade cards.

But when we moved to the BBH (see my post about our Intentional Community at the Big Big House) we sold the craft table and all of my scrapbooking supplies got packed up and put into storage.  I haven’t created one homemade card or scrapbook page since!

This afternoon I sat in the rec room and while everyone else watched the Denver Broncos win over the New England Patriots (yay Broncos!) I played with Close to My Heart’s digital scrapbook program called “Studio J“.  The results are the two digital pages pictured on this post.  Isn’t it cute??

I’ve never done any digital scrapbooking before.  I have played with “collage” apps that let you easily put your photos into collage, but digital scrapbooking is so much more!  It was so much fun choosing the layout, papers, colors, fonts, and “embellishments” that I used to decorate the page.  And, there was no mess to clean up!

I have a feeling there will be more digital scrapbooking in my future, so I am creating a new category here on my blog called “Scrapbook”.  Now I think I need to have a sale and get rid of all of those supplies that are packed away!

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