Too much fun!

Coors Field

This past weekend was so action-packed that I am grateful that I have today to recover from it instead of having to jump right back into the work week!  Just being able to say that gives me a little burst of joy….I wish everyone could be in this same place in their lives!

We had so much fun this past weekend, it was almost fun-overload!  Here is a rundown of our weekend…


We had tickets to the Rockies vs Pittsburg Pirates baseball game at Coors Field.  We chose this particular game because Redgie & I are Pirates fans.  Redgie & I rode the light rail system to Union Station downtown and walked over to the ball park.  There we met our friends (Clouses, Benefields, Giannatalas & Lairds) who all happen to be Colorado Rockies fans.

We ate Rockies Dogs for dinner (bratwursts with sautéed peppers & onions) and during the game snacked on peanuts & popcorn.  It rained a little bit but not enough to interrupt the game or make it too uncomfortable in the stands.

Despite the rather rude & rabid Rockies fan who sat behind us & found great fun in heckling Redgie (who was wearing the Pirates colors)  we had a great time watching the game and  visiting with our friends.  I especially enjoyed hearing from Jan about the birth of their darling new grandson (while trying not to be too jealous as this is their 10th grandchild while we have none!)  🙂

Unfortunately the Pirates played miserably and lost the game 10 – 1!  What a disappointment!


Saturday morning began with a fun breakfast at the BBH hosted by Dave & Lynn for their former Sunday School class.  About 40 people attended.  Since the original class no longer exists and many of these people now attend other churches, it was a rare treat for them to reunite and spend time fellowshipping and catching up on each other’s lives.

Everyone brought a pot luck item to share, and what a feast it was!  Dave made his famous banana/walnut buckwheat cakes, and others contributed egg casseroles, potato casseroles, bagels, danish, cinnamon rolls, fruit, yogurt and juices.

After eating and some fellowship time, Mark Stout shared a little of what God has been teaching him about the promises of God.  It was so great to hear Mark’s teaching again, and to enjoy it with all (or most of) the original members of the Upper Room Class.

That afternoon Redgie & I picked up Jan & Vini and drove to Ft. Collins where we met the Benefield family at Red Robin for dinner.  We were attending the Brian Regan concert that evening at the Lincoln Center in Ft. Collins.

This is the second time we have traveled to Ft. Collins to hear Brian Regan.  We really enjoy his comedy!  He has such a funny way of looking at ordinary every-day occurrences.   The funniest bit (in my opinion) was the one about checking into a hotel & when the agent cannot find your reservation they ask if perhaps the reservation was made under another name!  hahaha!  I found a clip on YouTube that contains this bit….this was the appearance that Brian Regan made on the David Letterman Show last summer:

After the show Jan, Vini, Redgie & I enjoyed some delicious ice cream at the Walrus Ice Cream shop located at 125 W. Mountain Ave in Ft. Collins.


We decided to go to the early service at Denver First Church of the Nazarene on Sunday.  We usually go to the later service, but since Redgie had to be back at the church at 4 pm on Sunday afternoon we thought an earlier service would be better to give us more time at home before coming back to the church.

I enjoyed the different experience of worshipping in the early service.  It is not as heavily attended as the second service and I could tell the early service was more popular with the younger crowd.  The music was more edgy/contemporary than we normally hear in the second service.  But I enjoyed the music led by the Alpha Band and Shawn McClellan (our church’s worship leader.)  It was a nice change of pace, and I definitely enjoyed getting home sooner than we usually do on Sunday after church and lunch.

Then at 4 pm we were back at DFC because Redgie was playing the saxaphone in the Jerry Nelson “Hymns & Gospel Sing” Concert that evening.  While Jerry & the choir & orchestra rehearsed Jan & I were helping Rachel set up media sales tables and learning what we needed to know in order to help at those tables before & after the concert.

The concert started at 6 pm, and the house was packed!  Jerry is an amazing talent both on the keyboard and also in arranging music for all instruments.  His selection & performance old and new hymn favorites was certainly enjoyed by everyone present.  The added talents of Shawn McClellan and the Rocky Mountain Singers choir created a memorable experience.

As you can see our weekend was unusually busy and action packed.  This is why I am saying today “TGIM!” (“Thank God it’s Monday!”)  🙂

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